Warning: some content may be triggering.

Sexual Assault Resources, Education, and Advocacy

Warning: Some content may be triggering.

Because some things should just be black and white.

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Last updated: 06/21/2020

Resources for Victims

National Sexual Assault Hotline

800-656-4673 (HOPE)


Educational Resources

Petitions and Donating



What is Sexual Assault?

Federal Definitions:

RapeSexual Assault
Forced sexual intercourse including both psychological coercion as well as physical force. Forced sexual intercourse means penetration by the offender(s). Includes attempted rapes, male as well as female victims, and both heterosexual and same sex rape. Attempted rape includes verbal threats of rape.A wide range of victimizations, separate from rape or attempted rape. These crimes include attacks or attempted attacks generally involving unwanted sexual contact between victim and offender. Sexual assaults may or may not involve force and include such things as grabbing or fondling. It also includes verbal threats.

Taken from the Bureau of Justice Statistics

It is important to recognize that individual states may have different definitions of sexual assault. Find out more information about your state below:

Self Care